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Psychotherapy is a long term treatment which focuses on gaining insight into the underlying causes of emotional problems.

Hidden feelings and past experiences often inform our behaviour and the way we relate to others.  By working therapeutically, the aim of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is to bring these feelings to the surface and give them space to transform.

Psychotherapy is exploratory and

non-judgemental. Psychoanalytic psychotherapists believe that helping people to understand the underlying roots of their difficulties is more effective in the long term than giving advice or reassurance, or using techniques which try to numb the mind.

My approach

My approach is informed by a rigorous training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and many years of pastoral work prior to becoming a therapist.  I firmly believe that the strength of healing and recovery lies in the quality of the therapeutic relationship.  I am a warm and compassionate therapist with a passion for this work and a genuine desire to help people. I have worked with people from all backgrounds who experience mental and emotional distress.   

I offer you a safe, confidential environment in which difficult feelings can be explored.  I believe that distress arises from our life experiences which are unique to us and by listening closely, I aim to help you find your own solutions.

Therapy Office

About Therapy


Initial Consultation

Before committing yourself to psychotherapy I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation, followed by an initial consultation to learn more about you and your concerns, in order to form an opinion on the best option for you.


The consultation lasts up to one and a half hours. You may feel you need one or two further consultations before deciding on a course of action.


Sessions are once or twice weekly and last for 50 minutes, or 75 minutes for couples. Session fees are discussed individually and depend on your financial circumstances. I have some low cost places for people on low incomes, please ask me about this.


Privacy and Ethics

Click here to read my privacy policy for this website and for my clinical practice. I abide by the UKCP code of ethics which you can read here.


Digital Policy

In recent years I have found that technology and social media use can affect the therapeutic relationship and I have found it necessary to create a digital policy. I now ask all my clients to read my digital policy when they start therapy.

You can read my digital policy here


Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory is a comprehensive and helpful website where you can find a lot of information about psychotherapy.  Go there by clicking here.


Private Health Insurance

I am a registered healthcare provider with AXA/PPP, Vitality Health and Aviva Private Health Insurances.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are intending to claim your treatment using one of these insurances.